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     PoliSci Technologies has NTE/ECG electronics inventory available for purchase, please email me with your list and I am sure you will not find them at a lower price anywhere.


     PoliSci is developing solarcells with improved efficiency.  One day soon making it possible to have greater than 35% efficient solarcells that are inexpensive and common.  This will allow us to power an entire home with excess power sent back to the grid or storage for evening hours.  PoliSci will also work on solar/hydrogen hybrid powered automobiles using the high efficiency solar cells.   With the way the production method works, it will be possible to develop technology such as: radiation shielding technology, fusion containment and new propulsion technology. The goal is to bring this into production as soon as feasibly possible.  With PoliSci's innovative methods for making the solarcell materials, a new era of technology is being developed. Nearly 2-D high B magnetic fields can be created with this new technology. PoliSci will continue it's endeavors to find new smart nanomaterials, solar and meta materials to one day rid us of the need for oil and fossil fuels for electric power forever!


     Carbon-Carbon composites are Now available for purchase and production.  PoliSci is the only "green" producer of C/C.  The new methods boast an efficiency near 75% compared to large industries 5-30%. This method makes a significant improvement in the time it takes to make C/C. The material is now available to consumers unlike other producers of C/C composites.  PoliSci is striving to be a leading producer of small C/C composite parts with a carbon matrix structure that can be nearly as hard as Diamond. These parts are very light weight, high temperature resistant and stronger than steel. Small parts can be custom designed and made at a lower cost than any other large scale commercial producer.


Chemical Vapor Infiltrated C/C is NOT an inexpensive composite, but the physical properties make it worth the cost. Especially when it is used in a critical application. C/C has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and a very high thermal diffusivity. We can tailor the composite to suit your needs and provide a low cost for a small number of parts. PoliSci can process high A/V ratio C/C parts in 2 days within the CVI with PoliSci's revolutionary new technology. Please email PoliSci for a quote on densifying your carbon fiber preform or email a question with your needs.





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      Poli-Sci is preparing several new technologies with one of them being available this Fall. Quantities will be limited due to the difficulty in manufacturing this advanced new technology and the cost to build a mass production system.

      Poli-Sci is an independently owned and operated small business located in the Heartland of the US where very few high technology companies exist. We are a small company with big ideas that need investment to grow and help this region economically. By purchasing from Poli-Sci, you not only help the company, but the Southern Illinois region.


      Poli-Sci is trying to make a difference in our world by bringing high technology in areas other than weapons technology. The products produced are highly unique.